Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Morning Musings-Orrin Judd has a piece on the Senate race and Zogby polls. Is it my imagination or has Zogby been an outlier lately, giving polls that swing hither and yon. This makes news ("Look, Senator Jones is now trailing... Oops, now he's got a 6 point lead.") but I wonder if something is fishy in Zogbyland. He's known for his unique application of sampling, but could this be doing a number on his polls this time? [Update 4:30 PM-Ruffini thinks Zogby's pro-arab leanings might be getting in the way. I didn't see that before posting this one. I'm not going to sign onto Patrick's charge quite yet, but I'm not the only one who's wondering why his polls are out of whack.] Is al Qaeda winning? The battle, yes, but not the war. If they destroy a big building a year and we clean up a country a year, we will slowly dry up their capability to do business. Haven't seen any poll numbers, but the pieces I see out of Michigan seems to show Posthumus doing better than expected in debates with Granholm.

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