Sunday, October 13, 2002

Morning Musings-Nice Terry Pluto piece on keeping the Sabbath in a 24/7 world. I haven't been reading him as much since I moved down to Florida, since he was one of my links to my Kent State days, reading his column to keep up with Ohio stuff; now keeping up with Michigan stuff as well as Florida stuff put him further on the back burner. Interesting Corner epic six-parter (that's part one and scroll up) from Dreher on the crunchy-cons. The political fallout seems to be more localist versus dynamist-more later. There will be a lot of sour-pusses down here today as both Florida and FSU got beat yesterday. FSU giving #1 Miami a game was honorable, but the Gators are now 4-3 after getting whupped by LSU in Gainsville. Looking at the schedule, a 6-6 record isn't out of the question if either Auburn or Vandy pull off a mild upset. It's interesting how few Miami fans we have here. However, Michigan and Ohio State both won their games, as OSU took care of business against San Jose and Michigan got past Penn State in OT. If Michigan can take care of business with Iowa next week, we might be looking at more 70s retro then you'll get in an upscale restaurant’s music-a Michigan-Ohio State game with a conference championship on the line. The retro part will be ruined by the fact that OSU might be playing for a Fiesta Bowl bid rather than a Rose Bowl bid. Nightmare scenario? Miami, Oklahoma, OSU and Oregon all run the table. Four unbeatens, two Fiesta slots. I'm getting a lot of "when I was your age" moments when teaching Macroeconomics and having to describe the stagflation of the 70s to students who weren't born yet. I had a comparable moment yesterday when Eileen and I and her seminary buddies Dave and Mandy went off to Silver Springs, a wildlife-centric theme park in Ocala. Nice low-key place, where you get to see giraffes, gators, parrots and lemurs upclose, as well as see where a lot of jungle movies were filmed. They have a corny-cute Swamp Critters music show at the park, the brainchild of Bobby Goldsboro. The late 20-somethings drew a blank on the name ("I'm supposed to know him?"), and I had to do a Army Corps of Engineers dredging of my memory banks, remembering him as a squeaky-clean singer circa 1970. When we got back to their house and Dave was talking about watching their little baby Rachel grow up, I recalled the one big hit I remember from Goldsboro-"Watchin' Scotty Grow."

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