Thursday, October 10, 2002

Morning Musings-Nice piece of the Kings retiring the Great One's 99. Was it fourteen years ago that he went to LA? Another one of those tempus-doth-fugit things. Nice piece on a tough battle north of here for Floirda's 5th district, where Democrat Karen Thurman will have her hand full fending off state senator Ginny Brown-Waite in a GOP-leaning revamped district. Another interesting piece involves the new 24th district, where GOP state Speaker of the House Tom Feeney is looking to move up to Washington. Some lobbying work that Feeney did on the side (seemingly legal but close to the line) is being scutinized. Come, Mr. Tally Man, he's just gone bananas. Not quite, Belefonte has had a bitter, today's-NAACP, edge to him for a while and it just went off at his vision of "house negro" Colin Powell. There are a lot of house negros on the left as well, it's just on a different plantation. A smirk-inducer here for Clippers center Wang Zhizhi-he opted out of playing for the Chinese national team this fall to prep for the NBA season and is persona-non-grata with the Chinese basketball authorities for an "absence of professional standards, indiscipline and indifference to the interests of the nation." Let's see, who tries to block Google and ban non-governement churches, showing indifference to the interests of the nation? Good Bleat (are their bad ones?) on blogs as international coffee-shop conversation. Has the Washington Sniper started the third battle of Manassas? If so, he's gotten out of his Maryland stomping grounds and started to include northern Virginia. The plot thickens.

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