Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Morning Musings-Google Fun-"Lula Da Silva Hugo Chavez devil." I wouldn't go that far, but neither of them are good news. "English Football Season Forcast?" Sorry, wrong form of futbol. Near-perfect timing for the Presidents decision to intervene in the west coast longshoreman's lockout. Note that the 80-day cooling-off period will take us just past Christmas, so that Santa can get his stock of Asian goodies. You thought he had his elves doing all the work? Nah, he subcontracts, too. Also, any continuation of the lockout would come about the 28th, just far enough away from Christmas so that the nasty Christmas Eve openers ("The shipping companies are putting a lump a coal in the longshoremen's stocking by promising a return to this fall's lockout") won't be as pronounced. This is downright chilly. The Knicks fined Spreewell $250K for not reporting his broken hand and told him not to come back until he can make "a positive contribution." The Knicks might be shopping Spree, but how many takers will there be for such damaged goods? Every dog has his day, but this is the week of the dog in the baseball playoffs. Atlanta, Arizona and the Yankees all are swimming with the little fishies, while San Francisco Giants and St. Louis (Ram's are 0-5, this is the sports god's solace) Cardinals square off in the NL while Minnesota (Contract this!) Twins and Anaheim Angelsgo at in the AL. What's with Holtsberry's Pigskin team-does he have a swimsuit model for a sister? 2-1-2?

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