Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Midday Musings-Southeast Asia is now paying a "terror tax" that is slowing their economies, according to the IMF's chief economist. At least someone in the IMF has some common sense, or is that a Master of the Obvious concept that a standard-issue technocrat had a good alliteration for? Interesting baseball news, Lou Piniella is moving to the Devil Rays for next year. Somehow I had a flashback of Ball Four and Bouton's description of a young Piniella's temper (having a "red a--" was the phrase I remember) that has stayed with him for over three decades. It will make things interesting, but I'm not sure if Tampa-native Piniella will do much more than sell a few tickets. [Update 1:30pm-not so fast-the Mets are making a run at Le Derriere Rouge] Put this in the "How Not to Do Arson" department, where a troubled history teacher tried to torch Lake Wales High
Mellott was originally arrested early Sunday morning by Lake Wales police Officer Carlos Alfredo when the teacher was spotted near the school about an hour after the fires were discovered. Mellott was wearing a trench coat and dark clothing, and carrying a camouflage bag around his neck, a police report said. Alfredo said that, in Mellott's coat pockets, he found two empty cans of charcoal lighter fluid, one full container of lighter fluid and a knife. The bag contained a loaded revolver, hammer, flashlight, pliers, lighting cubes for starting fires and a lighter, a police report said. In his initial arrest, Mellott of 4711 Lincoln St., Babson Park, was charged with loitering and prowling, carrying a concealed firearm, and possession of burglary tools.
Can you say "Busted!!", boys and girls? I thought you could. The Beltway Sniper was at it again last night, killing a lady outside a Home Depot in Virginia. Unlike the above protagonist, this dude isn't inept. A warped scumbag, perhaps, but not inept.

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