Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Midday Musings-I'm at (hopefully) the tail-end of a flu bug that has been at me since the weekend; I'm in the went-ten-rounds-with-the-champ-and-lost mode today, having to cut short the Personal Finance class today due to fatigue. The kids are all-too-eager to get out after 20 minutes. It looks like the CAW is playing nice for once in recorded history and has settled with Chrysler. The promice of a new Windsor plant seemed seal the deal-thanks to Bene Diction for the heads-up. The Dutch government just went under after three months as the List Pim Fortuyn members of the cabinet were at odds with the party. It might take some time for the party to find its bearings. Maybe this is the American in me not getting royal protocol, but this is a cute non-issue; Canadian fat-cat got into trouble for innocently putting an arm around the Queen in a photo-op. That's a no-no, handshakes only. Here’s this comment from a job seeker in a Mean Dean Blogs4God post “If you are looking for a knowledgeable web designer, for a network administrator, for a monkey who is willing to learn, or just for a parlor trick droid to replace your previous bot that vomitted code all over your cow-orkers, I'm your man!" Of course, he’d treat the pig-orkers and the chicken-orkers with the proper respect. From my fantasy-gaming days, I’d be tempted to spell that orcers, (orcs being brutish humanoids with no redeeming values other than toughness) but I shudder to think what orc-like things these people are doing to cows to earn them that distinction.

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