Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Hate the Sin, Love the Sinner and Their Kids-Interesting case pointed out by Amy Welborn on this piece which is too weird and over-the-top to be a movie plot line. (1) Homosexual couple has quadruplets via artificial inseminating a women with one of the guy's sperm. (2) Our loving couple wants to have kids baptized at a Catholic Church, promising to raise them Christians. (3) Four-sigma1 conservative, "God hates [insert anti-homosexual word here]" Baptist pastor protests. The question in my mind is how to pull off such a ceremony without making a mockery of it. To the Catholics, baptism is part of bringing the kids into the church. The thought that irks me, and must of set off Rev. Phelps (the gay-bashing Baptist), is the idea of this homosexual duo promising to raise the child a Christian. It brings to mind the scene from one of the Godfather movies of the Don being a party to a baptism as a spiritual godfather, promising to renounce Satan and all his ways, while his hit men are dispatching his enemies with extreme prejudice. How do you have the "parents" come forward and pledge things they have no intention of keeping? The counter-argument comes to mind that we're all sinners and will all fall short of renouncing Satan's ways 24/7. This reminds me a bit of the story this spring about a stripper single mom wanting to send her kid to a Christian school; the school didn't want to have to deal with the child of such an avowed sinner, even if the mom wanted her kid taught in that environment. How do you nurture the kid without encouraging (or turning a blind eye to) the parent's lifestyle? I hate to pick on Andrew Sullivan on this one, but he's both a professing Catholic and a homosexual; a seemingly good, if a bit bitter, guy once you put his preferences aside. If he were to come into my church with an adoptive son in tow, would we welcome them? I would think so. The kid would be welcome with little reservation, while we tried to minister to this guy who is trying to love the Lord despite wanting to ignore the parts of scripture that get in the way of his sex life. The question would become how hard we would try to "straighten" the dad out; if you made too much of an issue of his lifestyle (this would apply to Stripper Mom, too), you might not get to minister to the kid. If you ignore the sins of the parent, you look like hypocrites. "Hate the sin, love the sinner and their kids" is the best way to try and deal with it, so that you don't ignore the flawed lifestyle of the parents, yet try to minister to them lovingly. 1 Four standard deviations from the mean-to the right of 99.997 of the population. OK, maybe he's only 2.5σ

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