Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Fun and Games with IR-The NBA regular seasons starts tomorrow, and the tradition of dubious injuries continues. The NBA only allows 12 active players on a roster, but also allows teams to place up to three players on injured reserve. Often, the 13th or 14th guy on the roster will suddenly come up with tendonitis or a bad back when cut day comes, so the team can keep him around. Somehow, when one of the regulars gets seriously hurt, you see faster healings than a Benny Hinn crusade. For instance, rookie Piston Pepe Sanchez is hurt; he's been playing in the pre-season, but is likely the 13th man. Former Piston 13th man Brian Cardinal has assumed the position in Washington. If Hakeem is on the IR, he's really hurt, but Eric Montross could be playing Mr. Baker's Dozen. Why not cut to the chase and allow teams to have a 15-man roster, with 12 suiting up on a given game? That will allow teams to have "healthy scratches," as they would say in hockey, and cut out all the hypocrisy. {Update 10:15PM-My bad -it started tonight. Orlando was an unfriendly host, beating Philly this evening.]

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