Monday, October 28, 2002

The Devil's Playground-Part III-Masons-Free or in Bondage? I might have been a tad over the top in my comments on Josh's site in calling Freemasonry satanic, but it isn't Christian in an orthodox sense. It is generically theistic, but the problem seems to be the denying of Jesus as the Messiah; he was just one of many teachers. This site seems to have a rundown of where Freemasonry falls short of orthodox Christian thought, pointing out a belief in an innate deity in all men. It also mentioned the Mason's treating the Bible as purely man-made, denying it any special status above any other holy book. Another evangelical site here seems to be coming to the same conclusions. [Update 10/30 8:30-This post might have some, shall we say, fringe sites. I've done a more complete post today with Southern Baptist, Assemblies of God and Missouri Synod Lutheran views on the issue.] The idea that there is an innate divine spirit in man is a dangerous idea. That might have started Joseph Smith on his theology of men becoming gods down the line and that God is a very-advanced man. It might also have a hand in a lot of New Age-type thought. Norman Vincient Peale was a Mason; this piece points out some Masonesque heterodox spots in his theology. This wouldn't be a problem for many liberal denominations or nominal Christians who don't care to go to the mat for Jesus' divinity or taking the Bible as God's Word. Both my grandfathers were Masons. I remember my Grandma Kraenzlein telling the story of how he switched over from Lutheran to Methodist when they got married-he wanted to join the Masons and the Lutherans wouldn't allow members to be Masons. The Episcopal church my Grandpa Byron went to must of not taken issue with his membership. However, Catholics are ordered to stay away, as are most conservative evangelicals. I'm not one that buys into conspiracy theories about the Masons, but they aren't a group that any professing Christian should belong to. It didn't thrill me when I heard that Bob Dole was a Mason, (here's a Famous Masons list from the Masons) but I voted for him anyway. There are plenty of Masons percolating through the political and economic system, but I don't sense anything uniquely sinister about it in a conspiratorial sense other than being an old-boy network. However, many of the rituals have very bloody oaths for breaking the code of secrecy. It doesn't seem to be that nice of a bunch, despite the good works the Shriners and other Masonic groups do.

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