Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Afternoon Musings-No, Josh, I'm not taking the Fly-Over-Country Pledge, either. I'm not going silent if the administration pulls a fast one on Iraq. When the administration goofs, like on steel tariffs, I'll give them both barrels. This is too rewarding to have some third-millennia Ollie North screw it up for me. However, I'll eat my crow politely if this thing turns into a quagmire or there was/is significant spinning of the truth. Not good, the Indonesian police are in marital law mode at the legislature's request. In a country with a longer tradition of human rights, I wouldn't sweat it too much, but this looks to be a pre-game show for a military coup given Indonesia's dysfunctional democracy. The only people who like police states are donut shops. The most recent Beltway Sniper victim was an FBI analyst. As Susanna notes, "Whatever stops weren't pulled yet, just got yanked." Fall has finally arrived in Central Florida. A cold front is coming through, taking us from the 90 high, 70 low pattern into more of a 85-65 pattern. Still not color-tour weather, but it will make the afternoons a bit less saunaish. Interesting Talking Dog piece on the death penalty which echoes a lot of my thoughts on the subject. However, isn't it odd for him to describe the Beltway Sniper as a SOB? If I were him, I wouldn't want to have that human be associated with my species. [I remember one fun memory of my gaming days, where my friend Dave and I were playing brothers. His character acts a bit jerkish and gets this close to a fight in a pub; My character breaks it up, saying "I'd call him a SOB, except I don't want to insult my mother."]

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