Monday, October 14, 2002

Afternoon Musings- Let's start off with a fatwah on Fisk. The cold-cock contract is at a cool $1500 and counting. Fisk's chalking Bali up to Australia's help in Afghanistan, setting Aussie blogmeister Tim Blair off on a f-bomb-laden fisking; cursor down from the first link for good but profane coverage. I'm not sure what to make of Ambrose's death this weekend. What I think it will do is to take away a lot of the plagiarism flak and allow people to appreciate his writing, even if he recycled quite a bit. Back in January, I suggested that he and other plagiarizers be dealt with by "knocking their prestige down a peg or two and fact-checking their derrières until they've regained our trust." Well, his butt's soon to be six feet under, making the point moot. Advance warning of some possible layoffs at Chrysler-they're having trouble getting a contract done with their Canadian workers; the CAW has traditionally been more strike-prone then the UAW. Since parts flow both ways across the border, this could shut down quite a few stateside Chrysler plants. Nice piece on Lion QB Joey Harrington- "A new Sunday song: Watching Joey grow." Why is Mitch Albom on a Bobby Goldsboro kick all of a sudden?

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