Thursday, October 17, 2002

Afternoon Musings-I've got a long weekend ahead of me. Not only do I have a four-hour night Managerial Accounting class tonight (good, almost too quiet bunch), I have an all day session of Managerial Economics for the Quantitatively Challenged on Saturday and then come back with a four-hour session of MEQC on Monday night. Add a backlog of exam grading that piled up while I was sick earlier this week, teaching my undergrad classes and a golf/dinner Business school outing tomorrow night means negligible free time for a few days. I blog during grading breaks and may get some in on Sunday. The news out of North Korea isn't encouraging. "We're building a nuke. We've been conning you for years." Visualize Dear Leader extending middle digit. Visualize B-1 flying that direction once we take care of Iraq. Some interesting football Saturday-I'm thinking about throwing in a tape to catch the Notre Dame-Air Force game late Saturday night and watching it while letting Eileen sleep in Sunday morning before church. One of the sports talkers brought up the scenario of an undefeated AF club being dissed by the BCS people for a Fiesta Bowl bid. Heck, they could be dissed for a BCS bowl, period. However, if they're in the top six or seven with a 12-0 record, they'll be playing in a big bowl. Good title here on a EU feta cheese flap-"The Velveeta Underground."

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