Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Afternoon Musings-Go get 'em Jesse. The Democrats went from funeral, well past wake, and into pep rally yesterday, and the Gov's ticked. He's thinking of naming one of his backers Senator for the remainder of the term. Here's a fun factoid "A temporary appointee would fill the seat until Tuesday's election results are certified." Now, that would be when in 2003? They're already fighting over getting replacement absentee ballots for people who've already voted. This will keep the political pros busy. Overheared rumor--Once he leaves office, they're planning to name part of I-494 the Ventura Highway. New elections in Israel? Labor's had it with the current government and will vote against the budget, forcing new elections. That might not bode well for Labor, but people have been know to do stoopid things from time to time. Here are some team slogans from ESPN Page 2-I'll only print the funny and printable ones. Dallas Mavericks: "Everything's bigger in Texas ... hairdos, egos, Germans." Isn't Nowitzki actually Tom Chambers Jr? Memphis Grizzlies: "Need a break from truck-related sporting events?" Hey, trade for Tractor Traylor and have Truck Robinson as a assistant coach. New Jersey Nets: "My Kidd is a better ball-handler than your honor student." Phoenix Suns: "Tom Chambers ... Dan Majerle ... Casey Jacobsen ... Our legacy of tanned desert hunks continues." Hey, you can have Chambers and Jacobsen, but leave a fellow Chip alone. Portland Trail Blazers: "We lost more than 300 pounds this offseason!" That means they must have put on the feedbag after trading Kemp. Utah Jazz: "Greg Ostertag: The other white meat." No, the slogan should be "We're moving to Central Florida, so StocktontoMalone can commute from their seniors-only country club villas." Speaking of Utah-has it been 23 years already that they moved from New Orleans? The new New Orleans Hornets are set to retire Pete Maravich's number from the NO Jazz days. This quote from Paul Silas struck me-"For him to come along and do some of the things he did for a white boy was kind of shocking.'' Had Phil Jackson or Rudy T said the same thing about a black player, Sharpton would be in the first plane out of New York.

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