Thursday, September 26, 2002

The Wholly European Empire-This is an interesting NRO piece by Roger Scruton on Europe and the nation-state, suggesting that the countries of the EU will eventually bristle over their loss of sovereignty to a federal Europe. However, the European tradition seems to lean towards either sub-national principalities or multi-nation empires. At the turn of the last century, Europe had many multi-nation empires-Great Britain, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, Russian. You can make a case for Spain fitting in that category if you look at the Basques and Catalonia as conquered nations. Is nationalism strong enough to resist this tide? Many European nations are younger than the US. Germany and Italy weren't unified until the 1800s and many of the other countries will look to their region as their identifier rather than the nation. Yes, there isn't much of a European identity, but in many of the nations, it's the region or sub-nationality that is more of a identifier than the nation.

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