Friday, September 27, 2002

TGIF Musings-Everybody give Brian Griese a break-the golden retriever's the Sam Mills of the canine world; it's got a low center of gravity and can deliver a hit (paraphrase of a Jim Rome caller this afternoon). Stuart Buck's suggestion-nominate Ann Coulter to an appeals court seat. She wouldn't get through but we'd have some serious fun at the committee hearings, maybe even something approaching Sulik's idea of a Sam Kinison meltdown. One more go-round for His Airness. He'll be only the third sixth man in league history to make the All Star game, if I have my history right. Kevin McHale made it coming off the Celtic bench-there was a couple of years where Bird, Parish and Cornbread Maxwell would start and McHale would come in, filling in for all three, with Bird sliding to the 3 when Maxwell was out. Also, I remember Bobby Jones making two All Star slots coming off the Sixer bench. Doesn't the US always do badly on day 1 of the Ryder Cup? It makes it all the more fun that way-but after so many close matches over the years, the ESPN header of "surprising Europeans" is a bit clueless.

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