Sunday, September 15, 2002

Standing on Principals-There were a pair of 9-11 memorial services in the Woodlands area of metro Houston. An evangelical gathering drew between 7-10,000 and a interfaith gathering drew 1500-2000, according to the Houston Chronicle piece.The evangelical gathering was open to anyone, but "the 31 evangelical churches sponsoring one 9/11 commemoration welcomed Muslims, Jews and other non-Christians -- as long as they accepted that the central theme was praise of Jesus Christ." The bias of the editors comes through in the headline-"Religions fail to join as one for 9/11 event." It's hard to join together in worship if you can't worship your Lord and Savior. If we have different beliefs of what God is, it's hard to join as one to worship, since we're worshiping different things. Only if you have an univerasalist bias would you concider that a failure.

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