Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Southern Gospel-Sullivan pointed out this Atlantic piece on how conservative Christian theology is taking hold in the southern half of the world. It's old news to us who follow missiology, but good reading nonetheless. Both conservative Catholicism and evangelical (especially Pentecostal) groups have been making big inroads in Latin America and Africa. This might shoot down the Coming Democratic Majority hypothesis, as a very religious set of Latin immigrants might well be open to a GOP moral-values pitch. We are beginning to see the effects of this in the US, as a Singapore Anglican bishop is helping support conservatives in the US and Canada who've had it with the predominant liberal theology of the North American Anglican/Episcopal church. If I recall correctly, it was an Argentinean charismatic revival that inspired/fathered the Toronto renewal. I may have to redo my "How the South Saved Civilization" piece someday to make it the African and Argentinean Christians who brought a sound gospel back to the post-Christian north.

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