Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Saving The Albino RINO-I'm not sure how The Note keeps publishing-its rare to see a traditional news outlet have such cheeky verbage sniping at both sides. Check out this paragraph from today's edition.
As we've said in this very space before, casting this election as a war-versus-economy fight entails a somewhat oversimplified view that Republicans do better on military and national security matters, and Democrats do better on domestic issues such as Social Security and prescription drugs — without taking into account successful GOP efforts to muddy the waters, a la George W. Bush in 2000, on some of those domestic issues. But what happens if/when congressional Republican CYA efforts to muddy the waters on domestic issues get undermined by a president who might come to be perceived by voters as not caring enough about the economy?
About this time in every election cycle since the Republicans took back the House, we get an unholy center-left alliance, getting some pro-union or otherwise mildly-statist legislation passed to keep the attack ads off the moderate Republicans. It's almost like that cadre of RINOs have to pay protection money to the left
"Hello, Congressman Belfrey. You do know what time it is?" "Yes, Guido, its the fall of an even-numbered year. What do we have bend over for this year?" "Increased unemployment benefits would be nice. Say, 13 extra weeks." "Thirteen Weeks!?! Are you kidding?" "Would you like to see the ad where the auto worker has to tell his daugher she can't have braces because of you?" "No, no. Not that. I'll be on board."
It would be interesting if they stood up to the bully for once. However, such statist tweaking is now such an institution that people don't think too hard about it. I think this is one of the differences between the status-quoians and the conservatives-the status-quoians will easily give in to such deals where the conservatives won't. Yes, there are some swing districts where they truely need to vote center-left or else lose, but I'd like to see more backbone.

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