Monday, September 16, 2002

Revising the Vocabulary-Part Two-Antiassimilationists-Kinsey went after militant multiculturalists as well-here's her take
America has been a multicultural society all along. Recently (in my lifetime), people calling themselves "multiculturalists" have hijacked the word. They are now using it to mean that each culture should stay to itself, have nothing to do with its neighbors and reject any trading with or merging with other cultures. We already have a perfectly good word for this idea. It is called segregation. I hereby propose that we start calling multiculturalists what they really are: segregationalists. The ideology that espouses cultural segregation may then be called, quite accurately, segregationalism.
Two better words come to mind that don't have the bizarro twist of turning Al Sharpton into George Wallace; separatists and antiassimilationists. Using seperatist points out that they want to keep the cultures separate. However, the multiculti crown does want some contact-they want the broader culture's money and they want the broader culture to have a sense of perpetual guilt so that the money keeps flowing. However, the money and guilt will only keep coming if you keep the minority culture from merging with the broader culture, so it's in the culture vulture's interest in keeping their flock from becoming part of the broader culture and stop seeing themselves as a victim of that culture. Thus, I will argue that antiassimilationist will be my recommendation for the Sharptons of the world.

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