Friday, September 06, 2002

Quantum Calvinism-Here's an interesting post on Keith Devin's site on the issue of quantum physics and free will (thanks to Mean Dean), where Devins gently fisks a would-be philosopher. Devin pokes holes in his take on Heisenburg and other areas. I made a run at this general area back in April, but it's worth another look. Let's look at the basic natural universe and God's supernatural intervention in the universe. Einstein was not a fan of quantum mechanics and its stochastic nature, saying that God doesn't play dice with the universe. What if He does and He occasionally loads the dice? I used the analogy of God tweaking a spreadsheet with a number of stochastic functions in it in my April piece. Let's picture God as being omnitemporal, standing outside of time and looking on the totality of history. If there isn't something He likes, He's free to change it, to either throw the dice again or to plunk down a desired value. Such a model isn't deterministic, yet gives God the final say as to what ultimately goes down. I'll risk being nominated for a Claude; we have free will except where we don't have it. God will still save who He wants to save, taking as many quantum mulligans as He needs to bring one of the elect to Christ. If it doesn't effect God's long-term design, He can allow nature (quantum processes) to take its course. If the quantum process starts to go ways He doesn't want, He'll tweak it until he gets it right. Can you be a Quantum Calvinist? Let's take a tiptoe through the quantum TULIPs. Total Depravity-Can man make it to Heaven on his own in a quantum universe? No. The fact that some of the factors are stochastic doesn't mean a sinless man will pop up on his own. The odds of someone doing the right thing 100% of the time for a lifetime without God's intervention is zero. Unconditional Election-Do I have to be good to get into heaven? No, God will do that for you, stacking the deck where needed. Limited Atonement-Are some people not going to be saved? Last time I checked, yes. Irresistible Grace-Can someone keep themselves from getting saved if God wants them? Nope. God has history and your future lined up, He'll make the needed changes. You may have some choices, but God will veto ones that will lead you astray. Perseverance of the Saints-Once God gets you, can you break free and get unsaved? Nope, God stacked the deck to get you here, He'll stack the deck to keep you in His grace. The catch phrase for this is "If it matters, it isn't luck." God knows what's going down, and if He doesn't like it, He'll change it.

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