Sunday, September 22, 2002

The Prototype American Candidates-Part I-The Resumes-There are three prototypes that I could see getting the final nod in this American Candidate series. One would be a Ventura-type blue-collar libertarian, a second would be a apolitical can-do ex-GI and the other would be a black pro-life moderate Democrat. Let's look at who would be interested in running; they would have to be dissatisfied with President Bush and the garden variety liberal Democrats. You would either have to have a true moderate who is ambivalent about the two parties, a hard winger from either the right or the left or someone who doesn't fit the standard conservative-liberal paradigm. However, the wingers would likely be weeded out before the final three were chosen, with some kind of leftist possibly making into that last group of three. However, you're more likely to see someone who is either a centrist or is a mixture of conservative and liberal. Here's my three mythical finalists for The American Candidate. All people and resumes are fictional. James "Butch" Davidson. Age 47, principal at Greenwood Middle School in Dayton, OH. Retired Army Reserve Captain-flew helicopters in Gulf War. Churchgoing Methodist, but not particularity evangelical. Miami University B.S. in Mathematics, Master in Education-Wright State U. Married, two grown kids. Known as a no-nonsense problem-solver. Registered Republican, slightly right of center on most issues, is generally pro-choice on abortion, but favors some modest restrictions. Voted for McCain in the 2000 primaries. Morgan Williams Age 38. Director, The Potter's House Youth Center, Dallas, TX. Black. Registered Democrat, but pro-voucher and anti-abortion. B.A. Psychology North Texas State, M.Div. CH Mason Seminary. Married, two junior-high aged kids. Served as a youth pastor at a growing charismatic church before starting the Potter's House as a vehicle for reaching the youth of the poorer parts of Dallas for Christ. Left-of-center on economics-"We don't need to cut taxes or raise taxes; we need to spend what we have a lot better." Modestly pro-military-backed the war with Iraq as a last-resort. Got some hisses on his solid defense of traditional moral values, but gets respect for his dignity and character. Andrea "Andi" Petroccelli- Age 47. President, Andi's Place, Inc. Started small chain of health-food oriented restaurants in Portland, OR in 1983 with her ex-husband. "Granola libertarian" with hard-to-pin-down ideology; skeptical of big government but staunch environmentalist. BA. English, Oregon State University. Ex-Catholic, with some unkind things to say about the current church's stand on women, abortion and hierarchy in general. Divorced with long-term male significant other, one grown daughter. Part II coming soon-how would these candidates fare?

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