Thursday, September 26, 2002

Overstatements-<jaw drop> I'm going to agree with Tom Daschle for once in recorded history</jaw drop>-he thinks Dubya's line about the Democrats "not caring about the security of the American people" deserves an apology and I agree. It was a bit of a cheap shot by the president, but merely overstates a truth- Democrats are overweighing the job security of their AFSCME union brothers and underweighing the physical security of the average American as they scuffled over the administration's desire to allow them to ignore civil service job-protection clauses in overhauling the homeland security function. However, Daschle quickly reverts to doofus form here
"That is wrong," Daschle said on the Senate floor in an impassioned speech. "We ought not to politicize this war. We ought not to politicize the rhetoric about war and life and death."
Translation- "We ought not to politicize X " means "we're on the wrong side of X and we'll get our butt kicked at the polls if people hold us accountable." Daschle knows it and he's in full CYA mode. [Update 12:15-Just added Daschle and doofus to my spell checker at work-fitting] [update 1PM-it wasn't a cheap shot at all; via The Note,here's the original quote from the president
I am not going to accept a bill where the Senate micromanages, where the Senate shows they're more interested in special interests in Washington and not interested in the security of the American people.
Change the "not interested" to "less interested", which he seems to be wanting to say in context, and you have a valid critique. Given he said this off-the-cuff, you can chalk it up more to a slip of the tounge than a full-bore dissing of the Democrats. Doofus Daschle rides again.]

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