Thursday, September 19, 2002

Now Go Away, Or We Shall Taunt You a Third Time-"Israeli troops besiege Arafat HQ"-This is the third time (at least) that they have cornered the Ramallah joint, only to back away. Israel needs to do something more than the call-and-response with the autoboomers that has been going down the last few months. Could they show Yasser the Gasser the door this time? Once again, the autoboomers are attacking the secular Israel, in a shopping district. It only seems to drive the Israeli center away from peace. For some reason, I'm starting to agree with the den Beste Hypothesis, that there is an militant Islamic mindset that wants to bring down the successful un-Islamic Western culture that provides cognitive dissidence with the idea that Islam is the answer. Rather than look at how they can tweak their culture to become more successful, the den Beste Hypothesis, as I understand it, states that they will seek to destroy the west rather than become more like it. The word I'm looking for to describe this is "irredentist Islam" but irredentism not of the sense of reclaiming territory but of reclaiming emotional superiority.

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