Saturday, September 21, 2002

A Musing on Conservatism-I was reading Orrin Judd's short trashing of Marshall Wittmann's declaration of independant status, and was moved by this comment
Perhaps the main reason that conservatism will always remain in the minority is that it requires you to accept that your father may have been smarter than you, not specifically your father, but figuratively, our ancestors. Conservatism makes the thoroughly anti-modern demand that one recognize that our culture's ideas and traditions, having withstood the tests of time, contain a wisdom that our individual notions are unlikely to match. In the words of Russell Kirk, conservatives believe "society is a spiritual reality, possessing an eternal life but a delicate constitution: it cannot be scrapped and recast as if it were a machine." Thus, we should be deferential, though not imprisoned by, to the past. Conservatism is the politics of We the People.
That applied to theology as well as politics. There's usually a reason things are the way they are. There are some cases where new technology or an novel insight will result in a better way of doing things, but the status quo typically will have a well-hacked rationale to it. Two millenia of theological thinking might have more collective wisdom than your little brain.

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