Monday, September 02, 2002

Morning Sports Musings-Anyone who gets into sabermetrics should check out this ESPN piece on how pitchers age. I don't think Win Share was the best comparison, since modern pitchers pitch less innings with the five-man-rotation the norm these days and a four-man rotation being standard for the middle half of the century. When pitchers get 40-45 starts with a four-man rotation, they'll run up bigger totals than a modern pitcher who's max out at 35-36 starts. Sunday was the day of the Turk. The Lion's Terry Fair and one-time starting Cowpoke QB Anthony Wright led the cut list. Fair was fun to work with as a punt returner. Whether he put his hand up or not, it was always a Fair catch. Rodney Peete's starting for Carolina? I'm still waiting for him to sign on with Minnesota, creating the Peete-Moss connection.

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