Monday, September 02, 2002

Morning News Musings-This is on the bubble between news and sports, but a U of Minnesota freshman lineman, Brandon Hall, got killed after the game Sunday morning, getting shot outside a Minneapolis bar at 2AM. This time last year, Paul Pierce nearly died after getting knifed at a nightclub. Two questions-Firstly, since 19-year-olds aren't officially allowed to drink, what was he doing bar-hopping at 2AM? Second, when will athletes learn not to hang out late at night at watering holes, where immature minds altered by booze and other substances frequently lead to fights? On a more global note-Powell wants to send the inspectors in? This in a BBC interview that the Beeb is putting a lid on for a week, giving the extra political effect of playing the story for a week, beneficial to the somewhat anti-Western BBC. Before I bash Powell, I'm not sure if this isn't a planned leak of disinformation. Foggy Bottom can play good cop, asking for inspections, while Cheney and the Pentagon people play bad cop. Keeps them guessing. We had a momentary scare when we saw a Tropical Storm Watch on our TV screens yesterday-a small depression, TD5 was off Fort Lauderdale, a good 120 miles northeast of us. By this morning, it's now Tropical Storm Edouard (yep, that's the spelling. Brazilian Teddy?) off of St Augustine. Mom, Dad, chill-it's heading away from us. First time I've had to watch a tropical storm/hurricane with more than train-wreck or football-cancellation interest.

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