Thursday, September 05, 2002

Morning Musings-Looks like this years Dream Team wasn't dreamy enough, as Argentina beat the US last night, 87-80. We may have to bring the heavy artilery to Athens in '04. In a related story, the Pistons have picked up their point guard, Pepe Sanchez. The October "Surprise" may be in the works. A congressional approval of action against Iraq is slated for later this month, and it's rumored that the British will lay out a case that Iraq is close to building a nuclear bomb. A bigger war may be brewing at the Senate Judiciary Committee as Priscilla Owen's nomination appears headed for a vote today. A no vote will indicate that the Democrats will not appoint anyone that's significantly conservative regardless of credentials. I think that at least one Democrat will break ranks. [ Update 3PM 10-9 against:What wine goes good with crow, folks?] Are Portuguese-speakers Hispanic? I'm not sure. This piece on Hispanics and NASCAR pointed out that Christian Fittipaldi's move to the stock-car circuit will bring Hispanic viewers. He's Brazillian, so I'm not sure if the logic works. When we start seeing Billy Bob Ramirez at Daytona, I'll believer it.

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