Saturday, September 28, 2002

Morning Musings-A little Google fun-"ontario lycanthrope werewolf." Werewolves of London, Ontario, maybe? "hemp deigns?" First, I think that's designs, and you'll have to get the pattern from Josh. Good news for Jeb Bush-Eileen and I watch the second half of the debate last night and Bill McBride didn't come accross too well, rambling off-topic and avoiding a straight answer. If you can play verbal dodgeball with style, that will work, but McBride came across a bit clunky as a speaker. Bush was well-polished, although it seemed like he had a dozen spiels practiced and ready to insert at the right moment. Nice USAT piece on Magic and Bird, as Magic just got inducted in the Basketball Hall of Fame. It has been a quarter-century since I first saw Magic play, watching his Lansing Everett team in the state finals in the spring of 1977. Seeing a 6-8 guy bring the ball up the court was startling; in 1977, you just didn't see guys that big with point guard skills. The year before, Indiana went undefeated with Bobby Wilkerson playing the two-guard at 6-7 and that was freakish. A 6-8 center (in high school-that's like 7-2) playing the point just was too much of an outlier. Not any more. Now every big kid wants to handle the rock like Magic. The anarchoweenies keep looking worse and worse. "We have a right to demonstrate." Yes, and the local constabulary in DC has the right to haul your stinky butt off to jail if you're vandalizing property or blocking traffic in the process of your protests.

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