Thursday, September 12, 2002

Mo' Morning Musings-The initial vote count's done in Florida, and McBride has hung on to a 0.6% margin, leading Reno by just under 8,000 votes; 0.5% would have triggered an automatic electonic recount. Now, Reno needs to wonder if a recount would generate that many votes. BBC header-"Haider to lead Austria's far-right." Last I checked, the Freedom Party got 27% of the vote in the last election, which sounds something more than far right. Would the Beeb say of a Tory leadership convention "Iain Duncan Smith to lead Britian's far right?" However, this upcomming Austrian election should be fun, watching the Euroweenies squirm. How do you say "Pitchfork Pat" in German? Chris Webber's been indicted on purgery charges over the Ed Martin affair. Mark, aren't you glad he didn't sign with the Pistons last year? Another blow for the old-school folks-they now have the refs doing TV review in cricket. Under further review, he's out by leg before wicket. How soon before bang-bang plays at first get reviewed upstairs? Had my first casualty of the Blogger Bowl season, as Brent Conway went out on IR, causing me to pick up Doug Cristie on waivers.

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