Friday, September 20, 2002

Midday Musings-Louder Fenn seems to be back from hiatus; I saw the hit counter at 000001, which meant I was the second visitor (or maybe the first if Louder checked himself out). Cue up Vince Gill's One More Last Chance- Here's the NYT editorial on Iraq "The use of force may prove necessary, but there first needs to be a serious effort to give Baghdad one last chance to comply voluntarily with the U.N.'s disarmament demands." How many last chances does Saddam get? This sounds like something out of a second-rate sci-fi series, where a mad scientist tests out a mind control drug/device by having two test subjects jump out of the stands at a baseball game and attack the first base coach. Only after a few more of these freak-outs do the heroes discover the common link and find Dr. Notorious. The attackers were a father-and-son team. The above picture was of the dad. Doesn't this guy look like a front man for a heavy-metal band? The ESPN source for this one has the file listed as "a_punk_ht" It looks like the brother of former Pistons center Bison Dele (ne Brian Williams) has been arrested as part of a fraud and possible murder probe. The brother was trying to pass himself off as Dele when buying $150,000 of gold. Does that make him a Dele double? Bad news-there's an anti-war caucus forming in the House. Good news-Dennis the Menace is heading it up. His Toledo collegue Marcy Kaptur chimed in that "Naked aggression is not the American way." No, they'll be fully clothed when they head to Iraq, ma'am.

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