Friday, September 06, 2002

Midday Musings-Looks like a Torchdown-Torricelli and Forrester had their first debate and it looks like Big Mo is finding Forrester, as the panel was torching the Torch about his, er, ethical lapses. Translate this Nats-supplied "Essex Girl" joke to US welfare moms at your own risk. Close the office door before reading. While we're in the market for Munich Olympic flashbacks, let's revisit the US basketball team of 1972, shall we. They were the first to come up empty in the Olympics, albeit via some of the worst reffing in world history. Our Dream Teamers just had their heads handed to them by both Argentina and now Yugoslavia, with Peja, Vlade and company winning in the quarters last night, 81-78, giving the US pros their first two-game losing streak in international competition. It's a combination of the US not having it's A team there and the rest of the world having game. Four years ago, a labor dispute caused the US to send a CBA bunch to the worlds, thus needing to qualify in the Americas qualifying in 1999. They'll have to go that route again and will need to send Kobe, Shaq and Tim Duncan to the 2003 qualifier to insure not having the same thing happen again. The NFL kicked off last night, and the Niners went into the Meddowlands and got a 16-13 win. More importantly, Niner TE Eric Johnson was held to 44 yards recieving, giving Kevin's Pigskin team only two points out the the TE position for the day in the Blogger Bowl 2003 opening day matchup against the dreaded Florida Blogistas. None of my guys played last night, although Kerry Collins put in a bid to be moved up from third-string QB. In other BB2K3 news, the Niner defence racked up 12 points for Joshua Sargent's Roanoke Redskins. A sleeper for the league title has emerged. Jeff Garcia got the Burgers' 10 points.

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