Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Midday Musings-Janet Reno finally conceded to Bill McBride yesterday, as she wasn't getting the votes needed from recounts downstate to make up the gap. Now watch them try to blame the problems of a week ago on Jeb. If he did bring the voting system under state control rather than country control (need a good word that would parallel federalize), the left would say "What ever happen to that local control that Republicans are supposed to love? We don't want Tallahassee running Dade County's elections." Patrick Ewing's hanging up the sneakers, heading to the team formally known as the Bullets to be an assistant coach. Or at least he'll stop playing in games-I expect that he'll get plenty of playing time in practice teaching the Wiz big men how to play the game. Don't be surprised if he makes a comeback as a player-coach. I remember a few years back when Tree Rollins was a coach with the Magic-if the team got short a big man, they'd "sign" Tree to a 10-day and temporarily be a player-coach until everyone got healthy. I could see His Airness doing the same thing with Ewing. Ben takes apart a steaming pile from Marshall Wittmann on how the "Bull Moose" stopped being a Republican. He had confused many political taxonomists in how he could be a Moose and a RINO at the same time, now he's just a [insert small rodent of choice here]. I like this closer
The reason that there's plenty of room in that field is that Wittmann is now the resident of a party of one, a party where his own arch political philosophy without a cause can run free and rampant, with the simultaneous (surely coincidental) bonus of earning him lots of new speaking contracts and getting him quoted in a lot more articles.
Kevin Phillips is due to retire sometime soon; he can fill that anti-conservative niche very nicely and not quite as annoyingly. "Mr. Wittmann, it's NPR on line two." Interesting piece here on Suzy Whaley, a club pro who won the PGA Section Championship in Conneticuit, getting her a spot in the PGA tour's Hartford Open. Note that there was no L in front of that last PGA-she'll be playing with the big boys.

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