Friday, September 27, 2002

Midday Musings- Is it just me, or does Johnny Toogood sounds like something out of a Dick Tracy episode or a nickname for an overtalented player. "Go, go! Go Johnny Go!" That wasn't an earthquake in Georgia, it was the collective conniption fit of all the ACLU types over this Cobb County school board decision allowing creationism to be discussed in the schools. Can you say "lawsuit," boys and girls? Better Ingredients, Better Football? I'm sure there will be some glum Seminole backers at lunch today after FSU got beat at Louisville, 26-20 in the newish Papa John's Stadium. Lame Duck Season- Once the election is decided in Missouri, the winner of the Talent-Carnihan race gets the remaining four-plus years of the Senate seat then, not in January. If Talent wins, that will knock the Senate back into Republican hands in November. Here's an interersting NRO look at the possibilities (thanks, Ben).

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