Monday, September 16, 2002

Midday Musings-Had a strange call-a AP reporter out of Miami Googled his way into a post from last Tuesday (I can see it hit at 12:26 from my hit log) and called me at Warner Southern asking about "elderly poll workers being a bit dense" about the new polling machines. I told him was just reiterating what I had heard and seen in various media broadcasts and didn't want to be seen as some sort of expert on the topic-the people I saw in Winter Haven were competent. Check out Mr. Claybourn's essay on the Augustinian Just War framework and laying out a case for a just war with Iraq. His membership in the Posse is confirmed in spades. Posting's going to be a bit scanty today, as I have a four-hour Managerial Accounting class this evening to prep for.

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