Thursday, September 12, 2002

Jerry Stackhouse, RIP-Big trade in the NBA-the Pistons shipped Stackhouse to the Team Formally Known as the Washington Bullets for Richard Hamilton. The Pistons get younger, as Hamilton's a comparable talent to Stack but three years younger and get gunner Hubert Davis on the side in the trade. It also clears off some cap room for next year if they get Memphis' likely lottery pick next year. After seeing Stack's disappearing act in the playoffs, I think this might be the time to have Stack go hang with his fellow Tar Heel boss. For you Washington fans who might think that Varda and Cardinal, who the Wiz got in the trade, are injury-prone due to being on the disabled list, as this ESPN piece note, that was the modern NBA version of redshirting. They were the 13th and 14th men on the roster whose "injuries" suddenly improved if someone else was really hurt.

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