Thursday, September 12, 2002

Good Political News-The $72m verdict against a Bill Simon-led firm just got thrown out by the judge in the case. While this will help the Simon campaign, for it appears they did nothing civilly negligible, the Democrats can still say "A jury gave a $72 million dollar ...." Simon might be back in this thing. Now on to highlighting the Egray site The other fun one was the rumor that lame duck Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney might become a Green Party member, with the possible outcomes of a run for her old seat in 2004 or running on the Green ticket, either replacing or running with Nader. Ya gotta love it. It will draw blacks and Muslims to the Greens, put the Lebanese-American Nader on the hot seat, and make them look worse then they already are. Boobie Rahall?-WV congressman Nick Rahall is heading up a "humanitarian" delegation to Iraq. Cute. Can you take Jesse Jackson with you and a few others on that little list that never will be missed?

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