Thursday, September 19, 2002

Evening Musings-My keys had fallen behind the nightstand, obstructed from view by a shawl. I couldn't find them this morning, even after looking for about 15 minutes. However, the focus of the search was in the living room-I usually put my keys and wallet on the computer desk in the living room. I had backup keys for the apartment and my car, but had to have the department secretary lend me the master key to get into my office this morning. After getting home this evening, I looked another 15-20 minutes, getting to a nook-by-nook search of the bedroom, finally finding the AWOL keys. Today was my least favorate day in my Macro class-giving back the last exam. I try to pray before giving back exams so that the lynch-the-prof spirit doesn't get too far. The grades weren't that bad, but quite a few scores looked like Shaq's free throw percentages. I was commiserating with one of the Math profs; her Calculus I test grades made my bunch look like Rhodes Scholars. On a lighter note-the emoticon turns 20 :-)

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