Saturday, September 14, 2002

Evening Musings-Light blogging day, since I had a full-day session with my MBA Managerial Accounting class, going 9-5 with a lunch break. By the time I got done giving a makeup quiz to a gal who had to miss the morning session due to a schedule conflict with a Business Law class and went out to dinner with Eileen and got home, it's 8PM. Patrick Leahy must be spacey after shooting down another Bush judicial nominee, for he wants to see if West Nile virus might be a terrorist thing. I heard an epidemiologist yesterday on one of the news channels pointing out that West Nile is a blood-borne disease and would make a lousy terrorist vehicle. Montgomery Swift-A guy I never heard of named Tim Montgomery just set the 100 meter record- 9.78 seconds. Shows how much I follow track-he came in second in the Worlds last year. However, I was busy courting Eileen last summer. Buffalo Jihad?-The idea of an al Qaeda cell in Buffalo seems odd, but there are pockets of Muslims almost everywhere. Sabado Futbol -Not a good day for the state of Michigan-glad I missed it. Notre Dame beat Michigan and Cal Beserkely beat MSU. OK, how do we make a laid-back surfer-dude type spin-off of "Da Bears", since their now 3-0 and might be a sleeper in the Pac 10. Looking through the other scores had some surprises, including Northern Illinois giving Wisconsin all they wanted. I saw the last bit of the South Carolina-Georgia game, where a last-minute red zone fumble saved the game for Georgia, 13-7. Everybody else of the big guns took care of business, including Ohio State sending Washington State back to Pullman empty-handed. Early sign of Spurrier withdrawal in Gainesville-at the half, Ohio University is hanging with Florida, 14-6. When the Swamp Weasel was there, Florida would have 50 up by halftime when a mid-major came a-calling.

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