Monday, September 02, 2002

Evening Musings-Good Fiskin' Tonight-Chris Johnson eviscarates a British weenie in his own patented style, gleefully playing with the entrails. New-to-me Sabertooth Journal looks at a proposed Certified MBA exam highlighted in this USAT article. I don't think it will fly, but if it does, it might standardized the MBA programs around the country even more. I'm high on this guy's lengthy permalink list, must be doing something right. Speaking of linkage, there's a lot of good blogs out there. I just counted 29 blogs in my core "blogs" folder, 35 more in my "Augie Doggies" subfolder, 28 in the "Conservative" subfolder, 15 "Libertarians" and 26 in a "Catch-all" subfolder. That's 133 blogs, more than I can get to on a weekly basis. Only about half of those have permalinks, and some of those I'm not getting to as much. Some people link everyone, others link to a select few; I'm more in the second camp, linking the ones that I read on a regular basis and are clean. If I drop a site, it doesn't mean I don't like it but that it's fallen lower on the food chain. I'm trying to keep the links to the ones that I think are good, important ones, and that's a list that harder to make. Google Fun-I was 15th on "Mark and Ari's Jewish Parties" Sorry, can't help you. "Is the Vineyard movement dying?" I don't think so. "tomato skyscraper essays?" If you know of any, let me know. Newly permalinked IlliniGirl has this keeper on Bill and Hillary and Lie Clocks.

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