Sunday, September 22, 2002

Evening Musings-Bad news for the good guys in Germany-the ruling Social Democrat-Green coalition seems to have won a squeaker, having a single-digit majority 303-298 in early projections) in the Bundestag. The CommunistsParty of Democratic Socialism seem to have missed the 5% cutoff to get seats, thus holding off the toxic possibility of neither the civilized right or the civilized left (almost an oxymoron) getting a majority and creating one of those ugly "national unity" governments. London seems to have gone to the dogs today, as a pro-hunting coalition put 400,000 on the streets for a pro-rural rally. On a percentage basis, that would be like a two-million man march on Washington. Ya think Tony's Cronies are thinking about this one?. Samizdata's Perry de Havilland has a good pre-march piece-"For Liberty and Livelihood" is the march motto, right up their libertarian alley. Let's raise the ghost of Cornwallis and play The World Turned Upside Down-Carolina, San Diego and New Orleans are 3-0 An early Christmas music plug-4 Him's The Season of Love-we picked it out of the sale rack Friday at our local Christian store, and have it playing in the background even as I speak. It's worth full retail. Sabado Futbol- Michigan had all they wanted from Utah-not a good sign. Ohio State went down to Cincinnati (I'm surprised that gave them a home-and-home) and got all they wanted as well. In a bit of a surprise, Florida went up and beat up on Tennessee, relieving a lot of doubts down here in Gatorland. How much is this Kansas State win over USC going to puff up Alllison-Gallimore's head? They might be for real after all. NC State 51-Texas Tech 48 in OT. After letting out an expletive-laden tirade on his teams brick-laying, Bobby Knight praises his man-to-man defense in a tough loss-Oh, that's a football score? I see on the schedule that Virginia Tech is playing at Western Michigan next week. That's a good home-game get for a MAC team, ranking up with Toledo getting Syracuse into the Glass Bowl. Hokies, don't think a trip to Kalamazoo is a freebie, the Broncos gave Purdue a 28-24 game at West Lafayette last week. Notre Dame proceeded to ruin MSUs season-be prepared for all those Irish fans to get chests so big they'll have to buy new suitcoats. Can we live with Regis if the Irish win it all? Can we live the affirmative-action drivel that the conventional media will give us if the Irish win it all?

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