Thursday, September 26, 2002

The Democratic Inquisition-Miguel Estrada's finally getting a Judiciary Committee hearing and Democrats are grilling him for his lack of judicial experience. Of course, if he had judicial experience, they'd be grilling his record. The Democrats seem to be hell-bent on stopping anyone seriously conservative unless they are shamed by liberal law professors. Here's and interesting factoid on Estrada via a GOP press release that I got e-mailed (turns out it was Patrick Ruffini who put me on the e-mailing list). Estrada got a "well-qualified" rating from the ABA, their highest rating. Only one such ABA-well-qualified nominee has ever been shot down by the Judiciary Committee; Priscilla Owen earlier this month. Remember that the ABA leans to the left and often gives conservative nominees a notch-lower rating then they deserve, so Estrada must have something going for him.. On the way in, the NPR piece on Estrada mentioned that the "Hispanic community" is split on Estrada-I thought the standard sociological fact is that Hispanics aren't one big community but several, often based on their country of origin. The Fox piece points out that Hispanic liberal groups oppose him, but more mainstream groups support him.

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