Friday, September 13, 2002

Crude and Stupid is Tolerable1-This is a bit spooky-the story of the morning is a group of seem-to-be terrorists were caught near Naples, FL. One of the cars was stoopid enough to try to get on Alligator Alley without paying the toll (they like their toll roads down here), thus drawing the interest of the local constabulary, who noticed a Georgia report on these guys talking about a 9-13 attack yesterday. The scary part is that I've been on the Atlanta-to-Tampa stretch of I-75 that they took twice this summer. 1-Thanks to Papablog for the inspiration for the headline. [Update 4:40PM Seem-to-be was a fair modifier-it looks like a false alarm. Looks like it was a trio of medical students on their way to a conference in Miami making a bad joke. Hint-if you're Muslim-looking and in public, don't joke about that.

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