Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Coalition-Building In regards to my musing on free markets below, we need to keep in mind that a pro-dynamist majority requires some strange bedfellows and that religious conservatives and small-l libertarians need to cooperate in order to get things done in most places. This piece on small-l libertarian Michigan state rep Leon Drolet is interesting. He was sidelined from power in the local GOP in the 80s when religious conservatives flooded into the party, only to work his way back in later. He's working towards keeping small-l libertarians in the GOP. If the two camps don't respect each other, the loser in the inter-party squabble will either sit on their hands or run a protest third-party candidate. Libertarian-leaning people should think whether the prudish dynamism of theocons is preferable to the permissive statism of the Democrats. Likewise, the theocons should consider whether a permissive dynamist is better than a permissive statist. Do you have a snit and go home angry if your guy loses in the primary or vote for the "lesser of the two evils" and work harder to get your guy to win the primary next time? There will be some people who will stand rock-solid on principal, either not voting or voting for a protest candidate, and cede the field to the bigger enemy. Unless a big theological or ideological message is sent by a protest vote, it rarely is effective in winning people over to your camp.

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