Friday, September 13, 2002

C'mon, Brian, Tell Us How You Really Feel-Hey, Bene Diction, American bloggers aren't the only ones laying into Chretien's 9-11 comments. Former PM Brian Mulrooney had this bit of blogfire
"This is a uniquely disgraceful statement, even by Mr. Chr├ętien's worrisome standards. On the day the world solemnly recalls the death and destruction brought by cold-blooded murderers, our Prime Minister says that American economic strength and success was in part the provocation for such action," Mr. Mulroney said. "This is a false, shocking and morally specious statement. It is essentially the case the terrorists have tried to make."
Had he spoke that forcefully ten years ago, the Tories might still be a functioning party. We wouldn't have seen the once-proud party resort to have this steaming pile coming from current party leader Joe Clark.
"I don't think there is any doubt that if you are sitting in the Third World and you are looking at the squalor around you and you are looking at the prospects for your kids and you compare them with what you see on television, or know of what is happening in Canada or the United States or other countries, that can create an envy that can lead to extremism," Mr. Clark said. "I don't think the Prime Minister was blaming any society. I don't think he was blaming the United States or blaming Canada for that." Mr. Clark added that "there is a direct relation between the roots of terror and the existence of poverty and despair. It is not the only cause obviously. But it is a cause."
This is from a Conservative? That shows why this bunch is an endangered species west of the Maritimes. Ted Turner could give that speech. Joe, get out your notepad, and see how a real conservative handles things. Here's what Alliance leader Stephan Harper chimed in with
Mr. Chr├ętien's comments, particularly coming on the anniversary of 911, blaming the victim, are shameful," Mr. Harper said. "What was behind the events of September 11 are the forces of evil and hatred."

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