Saturday, September 21, 2002

The Chips are Down for Estrada-Patrick Ruffini handicaps the prospects of DC Court of Appeals nominee Miguel Estrada, wondering if Bush would nominate him for a Supreme Court post if he were rejected by the Senate Judiciary Committee. It would be a rather irregular pick. Most Supreme Court nominees have a judicial background-I think Rehnquist was the last nominee to have the Supreme Court be his/her first judgeship. The DC circuit is the AAA farm club for the Supreme Court and the liberals know it. They couldn't stop Estrada getting on the Supreme Court if he gets on the appeals court. They could shoot him down for the Supreme Court (assume a continued Democratic majority) by pointing out his judicial inexperience; that's why getting him onto the DC circuit would be crucial. How about a recess appointment? Here's a good indicator of how slow things are-I was writing about Estrada back in April.

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