Thursday, September 19, 2002

The Checkout Lane-Orrin Judd has a good conversation starter on a conservative posture on the environment. Give it a read; Kevin Holtsburry's got a good reply and I'll likely have a go at it this weekend. Definition of a conservative intellectual-someone who hears the name Kirk and doesn't think of Star Trek. Jeffery Collins is in good form, with a good think piece on Matthew 7. Here's the official Hokie Pundit spotting guide for VT's next home game. Illinigirl has a screed against tokin' Democrat Rod Blagojevich. She blasts those of us who "experimented" as college kids. Even Dubya had a DUI rap in his 20s, so I'd be a bit careful of lumping all of those people into the Clinton mold. Some people do mature later than others.

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