Thursday, September 12, 2002

The Check-out Lane- Den Beste nails the hypocrisy of many of the world's 9-11 rhetoric as "Easter Christians," showing up for services once a year then bashing us the other 364. He has the concept of evil and the proper reaction to it down cold in this piece from yesterday. Even an honest atheist knows true evil when he sees it. Charles Austin has a good Mandela take and is also in fine form for the silver-anniversary version of the Cohen Scourge, but he is blessed with an exquisitely stinky pile to work with. This is a bit dated, but I haven't pointed it out. Suman Palit has a good piece on an engaged America. The weenies how moaned about isolation may have wished we stayed isolated. He also gets in a sub-molecular Fisking on a weenie of a Indian ex-diplomat.

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