Wednesday, September 18, 2002

BC Schism-part IV-Cue Neil Sedaka, the Anglicans are finding that staying together is hard to do, especially when they're not on the same page theologically. Outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey has ripped those bishops who have blessed same-sex unions. The liberal bishops have returned fire. One of the arrows came from British Columbian bishop Michael Ingham
The diocese of New Westminster believes that Christ died for all humanity, and that the unity of the Church cannot be built on unjust discrimination against minorities, such as homosexual Christians
The key words in that phrase is "unjust discrimination." If you take the Bible at face value, teaching that homosexuality is wrong isn't discrimination, it's education and proper discipline. Another quote from Ingham in the National Post piece struck me
I regret that the Archbishop's remarks will confirm and deepen the impression that he has not heard the cry of these, his own children in the Church. Until all voices are heard, the unity we all seek will remain elusive."
Archbishop Carey has heard the cry of those kids, and thinks they need to be sent to their room after getting verbally paddled. The universalist wants unity under the standard of "the details don't matter." Unity can come only if the differences are small enough that they can agree to disagree. The differences between the two camps seem to be too great. It appears that we will have two Anglican churches, a liberal and a conservative one, in short order. With a theological liberal, Rowan Williams, slated to take Carey's place as Archbishop of Canterbury, my money is that the existing order will be liberal one and a breakaway fellowship of conservative Anglicans will officially form before 2005.

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