Sunday, September 01, 2002

Afternoon Musings-I'm watching the LSU-VT game(Tech up 14-0 at the half), and I found myself trying to see if I could spot the Hokie Pundit, or at least his section, at halftime. However, they don't show the band like they did when I was a kid. Back a quarter-century ago, when there were much less TV games, there wasn't as much highlights to show at halftime, so you'd often get a couple of numbers from the band. Now, with practically every game televised, halftime is a highlight show, and the band is seen as wallpaper at halftime. Both of us are groggy today. We made it to church, but haven't done much else other than sleep in and nap, hence the lateness of posting today. Eileen's getting over a bug with the help of some antibiotics and my body's ordering me to veg this weekend. Seeing Notre Dame whip on Maryland last night was a surprise, as was the first quarter of the US-China game. China couldn't miss in the first quarter, but the US got the wake-up call. We have to make sure to get the top players into the Olympics, or there might not be a wake-up call.

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