Sunday, September 22, 2002

Afternoon Musings-I'm busy making dinner to take to a church potluck this evening, taking my killer spaghetti sauce that won the fair Eileen's heart (the day after I fixed it at her Grandmas, we were talking engagement) on macaroni (since the long spaghetti noodles don't lend themselves to a multitasking potluck plate). Some other day, I'll post what I do to doctor it up. It'll be the first time I've attended a church potluck as a married person-at least I'll have someone to talk to. Our new church in Winter Haven, New Hope Assembly, is having the potluck on the site of our new church on Cyprus Gardens Boulevard, the main drag on the east side of town. Once it is built early next year, we'll have more visibility than our current location, and might draw some new people. Location, location, location. Also, we're starting to max out the parking lot in the current facility, not good for encouraging newcomers. It looks like Hokie Pundit forgot to swap QBs on his Blogger Bowl team. He's got Rich Gannon at QB and the Silver and Black have the week off. Hopefully, he'll switch QB before all his QB have played today. I'm of two minds on this " The American Candidate" idea. If Fox winds up picking a good cross-section of competent people with a good mix of ideologies, it might make for good political theatre. However, it could easily be tweaked to bash one or the other party. Could such a process produce a viable candidate who would be an actual threat to take away votes from the big guys? I think so.. More on that later.

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